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Anleitung Twister 1200

Anleitung Twister 1200 in englisch

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1. Before installing Twister MK2 it's required to remove the metall shield which is covering the mainboard.
2. Open the case of the A1200. There are some screws at the bottom of the machine one usually covered by the
warranty sign.
3. Next step is the keyboard: Carefully disconnect the ribbon at mainboard. But do it right to prevent
damage:Move the small white cover at keyboard connector towards external connectors. Pull out the wire now,
but don't touch the contacts at the end of the ribbon. They're quite sensible.
4. Now remove the floppy drive which is fixed with two screws. For first remove the screw at the bottom of the
machine if you didn't allready do when opening the case and the second screw at the floppy drive (additionally
it's fixing the mainboard).
5. The harddrive (if you've got one inside) must be removed, too. Its carrier is only plugged into the mainboard.
Take it out and disconnect the ribbonwire.
6. It's nearly possible to remove the shield now. Take a screwdriver and bend the small metall tongues upward.
Please be carefull with your fingers!
7. Plug Twister to the mainboard connector (clock port). If you like to continue using the traditional case, please
isolate area over Twister with foil or equivalent material and re-install the shield.
8. There are different possibilities to get out of the case with the serial connector. The easiest way is to remove the
cover at the slot below floppy drive but other users told ous there is space for drilling a hole into the case.
9. Re-assemble the machine

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